got Hertl? – LED USB Rechargeable Edge Lit Sign

Our LED base lit sign makes a great way to say something without saying it out loud. Included with your purchase is your engraved acrylic piece, 16 color changing base, remote with batteries, rechargeable battery for the base, and an usb cable to charge the base up again. This makes a great little addition to your home, restaurant, bar, man cave or any other use you can think of.✅ THIS THING IS COOL – Our LED Edge Lit Sign comes engraved with the phrase shown. With the included base it can be lit with 16 different colors providing you night light, office light, or just the ability to say something without saying it in a cool way! The included remote allows you to seamlessly shuffle through the colors as your mood changes and even set various light effects like strobe or flash.
✅ STURDY AND DURABLE – Our LED Edge Lit Sign features an engraved cast clear acrylic piece and an L.E.D lighting base. With excellent optical clarity and transparency, scratch resistant surface, shatter proof construction and protection from stain or discoloration over time, the acrylic and base will last a very long time.
✅ COMES WITH EVERYTHING YOU NEED – When you purchase our LED lit sign you will receive: An engraved cast acrylic sign (Height 4.15″ x Width 3.15″ X Depth 1/8th”), a 16 color function base, a remote with included battery to change colors, a rechargeable 3.7 volt lithium battery for the base, and a USB power cable to recharge your base.
✅ SAFETY FIRST – The lithium battery for the base has a capacity of 1200 milliampere and can last about 18 hours if it is fully charged. Our LED sign will function with or without the battery and will light while charging. Charging with a USB accelerated charger is not recommended. Not for use with cell phone fast chargers.
✅ PERFECT GIFT – This is a great opportunity to give a gift for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, Wedding Gifts, or any gift giving holiday. It is even great for groups, corporate events, office parties, home decor, restaurants and bars and more.

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