NHL New York Islanders Hand Sanitizer Spray Pen 5-Pack. NHL Gifts for Men Women. Ideal Stocking Stuffers

Because germs are everywhere, and sinks aren’t.

Nobody likes getting gross stuff on their hands. So what do you do if you’re about to eat something (like nachos at a game) and there’s a line all the way out the bathroom door? How about save some time and show some team spirit. Just pull out this sanitizing spray, wet your hands and handle your business. Don’t worry, if you’re eating finger-licking good grub, there’s no leftover chemical aftertaste once your hands have totally dried. This stuff kills 99.99% of germs and leaves your hands smelling fresh and clean. You might not be able to see the germs that are all around you, but you can see why people like to have this spray pen within reach. Keep this in your playbook for cleanliness and convenience. Ideal gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, stocking stuffers.

NHL New York Islanders. Officially licensed NHL product.NHL New York Islanders Hand Sanitizer Spray Kills 99.99% of Germs, Fine Mist Spray.
Subtle Melon Scent and Aloe Vera Leaf Extract Leaves Your Hands Smelling Fresh and Feeling Soft and Clean.
5 Inches Tall, Half Inch Wide. 8 ml. Convenient Pen-Like Design Fits Easily In Your Pocket.
Be Ready for Whatever. When Things Get Gross, Go for the Spray Pen.
NHL New York Islanders Gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day Gift, Stocking Stuffer. Officially Licensed Product.

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