2018 Indianapolis Colts 35 Seasons Commemorative Iron on Football Jersey Patch

Size: (approx) 4″ high and 3.75″ wide
Embroidered Iron On Applique
Iron On Instructions
1. Place the patch directly on to the cloth.
2. Cover the patch with a thin piece of cloth then press with the iron.
(Avoid using the iron directly onto the patch in order to protect the patch from the high temperature).
3. Keep the iron on the patch for approx. 40-60 seconds
4. Wait for the patched area to cool.
5. If the patch has not completely attached, repeat steps 3 and 4.”Safe & non-toxic
Great for Decorating or Repair the clothes
Material: 100% Superb Quality Detailed Embroidery, More Durable, Easy Wash & Remove
Ideal for patching holes in jeans, vests, towels, blankets, jackets, bags, back packs, etc.
EASY TO APPLY – Iron for 30 seconds or sew around the edge for a quick and easy DIY project

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