Stadium Series Scarf by WAYPOINT GOODS // Infinity Scarf w/Secret Hidden Zipper Pocket (Black & Red)

Being a fan is no small commitment! You are loyal, determined and steadfast! From students to alumni, college to pro, pre season to post season, you are part of it all. VERSATILE // Can be used as a scarf, shawl or blanket to keep you warm for those chilly games. SIZE // A loose double wrap allows the scarf to sit naturally over your shoulders without being too tight or too long. Scarf is 22″ wide and 32″ long. SUPERIOR FABRIC // The light polyester fabric is soft and buttery smooth and feels great to wear all day. LARGE POCKET // The large pocket is 8″ wide and 7″ deep. Roomy enough for your gameday tickets, phone, keys, credit cards, ID and even a snack for halftime. ACCENT COLOR // The pocket is lined with a lighter team color with a custom Waypoint Goods Pattern so you can see what’s in your pocket. SECURE // The hidden pocket blends into the wide folds of the scarf eliminating the outline of your secure essentials. TESTED // Rigorous testing, sampling, revising and retesting were done to bring you the infinity travel scarf that is everything you need and nothing you don’t. GIFT READY // Because first impressions do matter, we created sleek packaging with the same attention to detail and design inspiration as scarf itself. STYLING TIP // Place the pocket loop closest to your body and use the other loop to drape over the top and hide the pocket and contents. WASHING // Hand wash cold with mild detergent and lay flat to dry. RED & BLACK // NCAA: Georgia, San Diego State, Maryland NFL: Atlanta Falcons, Tampa Bay Buccaneers NHL: Calgary Flames, Ottawa Senators, Chicago Blackhawks, New Jersey DevilsSPORT YOUR TEAM COLORS // We are the fans. The ones that follow our teams, go to all the games and stick with them through the wins and the losses. We count down the days until the season starts and build our schedules around games and our vacations around rivalries. Our love of the game brings us together and creates memories, friendships, and family that last a lifetime. It’s more than just a game for us, it’s a way of life. From NCAA to NFL and MLB to NBA, we have got your team colors
GAMEDAY READY // No more awkward clear plastic purses for gameday. Take only your essentials and stash them in your hidden zipper pocket of your scarf. Don’t worry about losing your ID & Credit card between concessions stand and front row seat. Your keys will be right where you left them in your pocket after 2 halves, 4 quarters, 3 periods or 9 innings. From the Stadium to the Sports Bar and Tailgating to Watch Parties, the STADIUM series scarf is your gameday go-to.
SUPERIOR QUALITY // While other travel scarves are made from flimsy fabric that is sewn poorly, a pocket that is too small and simply aren’t made to be a fashion accessory, the Waypoint Goods Travel Scarf is made from a soft yet durable fabric meticulously stitched with a pocket large enough to fit your iPhone+ with room for your tickets to the game, keys, credit cards, ID and some cash. This means going to the game just got easier for you to keep your belonging safe, secure and inconspicuous
WHO WE ARE // Waypoint Goods is a boutique design studio believing in creating quality products for a modern women with a contemporary lifestyle. To the game, on the plane, to the show or to coffee, we make products that you can take anywhere and will hold up to your bold, adventurous lifestyle. We are real people who design products we want to use and expect nothing but the best. We don’t settle for less and neither should you.
GIFT WORTHY // You know that person who is impossible to buy for? Well, you’re in luck! This is it! Give a gift that is as unique and functional for a true sports fan as it is for everyday life. From Graduations to Birthdays, Anniversaries to Christmas, the STADIUM series Travel Scarf is the perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe and gameday arsenal. Don’t worry, you won’t let them down. Save the day this Holiday season and give them something they will love!

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