The Hockey Jersey Handbook: A Guide to Collecting and Caring For Jerseys From Throughout the Game

Hockey jerseys are some of the most unique uniforms in all of sports. From the widely-recognized looks of NHL teams to the national pride of IIHF jerseys and the obscure, outside-the-box designs of some minor league teams, hockey jerseys, or “sweaters” as they’re more accurately known, are a staple among fans anywhere the game is played. This book takes a look at the design elements and symbolic meaning of hockey jerseys from all levels of the sport. NHL jerseys – both modern day and vintage, as well as specialty jerseys such as those worn for the annual Winter Classic and the newly-introduced Stadium Series games – headline the coverage which also includes international, minor league, and even college sweaters. There is also a jersey buyer’s guide to make sure you’re well-informed whenever you make your next jersey purchase for your own collection or that special hockey fan in your life as well as sections on how to properly care for and display hockey jerseys so you can enjoy them for years to come. The Hockey Jersey Handbook is a must-have for any true hockey fan and jersey enthusiast!

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