BRAYCE NHL Bracelet with Your Player Number 00-99 I The Edmonton Oilers Jersey You Never take Off!

Show your love for the Oilers around NHL superstar Connor McDavid #97 with BRAYCE: Choose the button “Customize now” to personalize your bracelet length (5,9″ – 9,1″). Finish the Edmonton Oilers jersey you never take off with your personal number 00-99.
Our service, as reliable as Connor McDavid #97 & Leon Draisaitl #29 on the ice: Shipping & resizing of your wristband is free of charge. We can also help you choose the right size for your sports bracelet. Get in touch with our customer service.
Your commitment to your sport, our promise of quality: Your official NHL jewelry in Oilers look will withstand any situation like a hockey stick, a hockey puck or an original NHL jersey.
Material: The authentic Edmonton Oilers bracelet is made of 100% MicroWoven. The indestructible & patented MagAttrac closure with your custom 3D player number is made of nickel-free 316L stainless steel.
Idea: Imagine you are looking for the perfect Edmton Oilers gift. The customizable bracelet is the perfect gift for any occasion. The next NHL game you and your buddies will celebrate with BRAYCE.

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